5,088 Beverley Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 4360)
 23456   B  M  W      
 35264   -
 42635            V,F
 52436      2
(35264)  -       In,V
 56342   -
 34256         -  F,In
Repeat twice.

Contains 18 each 56s and 7568s, 6 each 65s, 8765s, 8756s, 7658s, 5678s off the front and 6578s off the front, and 121 runs of four or more consecutive bells either at the back or at the front.
Also true to Arthingworth Surprise, Ashwell Surprise, Barcote Surprise, Benefield Surprise, Brafield Surprise, Byfield Surprise, Castor Surprise, Corby Surprise, Cottesmore Surprise, Dallington Surprise, Dawn Surprise, Deene Surprise, Denford Surprise, Duston Surprise, Eastwood Surprise, Ecton Surprise, Glinton Surprise, Greasley Surprise, Guilsborough Surprise, Higham Ferrers Surprise, Lammas Surprise, Lowick Surprise, Malling Abbey Surprise, Maxey Surprise, Morley Surprise, New Surfleet Surprise, Oaks-in-Charnwood Surprise, Old Kea Surprise, Quenza Surprise, Rakops Surprise, Red Lumb Surprise, Rothwell Surprise, Umbala Surprise, Ziwa Surprise, Partington Delight and Prince Edward Delight.
True to all BCDKacdefZ.

Rung to Corby at Sevenoaks on 26 November 2011, conducted by Andrew J Corby.
Rung to Ziwa at Meldreth on 8 September 2012, conducted by Richard Castledine.