5,184 Zeus Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 4180)
23456  M  B  W  H
54632  -     -
63542  3     -  -
42356     2  3   
Repeat twice.

Contains 21 each 56s and 46s.
Also true to Rutland Surprise, Achilles Surprise, Egleton Surprise, Hera Surprise, I Can't Believe It's Not Rutland Surprise, Llanfair P.G. Surprise, Rodewell Surprise, Stockport Surprise, Thrapston Surprise, Bampton Delight, Eardisland Delight, Jenny Delight, Luppitt Delight, Rutland Delight and West Sussex Delight.
True to all BabcdefXYZ.

Rung at Husborne Crawley on 4 December 2010, conducted by Michael Chester.
Rung in hand at Barrow upon Soar (106 Beaumont Road) on 19 August 2013, conducted by Emma J Southerington.
Rung to Rutland Surprise at Market Deeping on 1 November 2014, conducted by James F Thorpe.