5,088 Pitman Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 4012)
234567   M     B     W  H
745263         a
324657   1  In,B,V   1
46253    1   In,V    1  1
25634      In,B,V,V  1
34256          -     2   
Repeat twice.
a = B,F,B,F.

Contains 21 each 8765s and 6578s off the front, 18 each 56s, 5678s off the front and 8765s off the front, 15 65s, back rounds, and 52 little bell rollups, with no backstroke 87s.
Also true to Cardigan Surprise, Cermium Surprise, Cinnuis Surprise, Durolitum Surprise, Durovigutum Surprise, Epiacum Surprise, Galava Surprise, Gangani Surprise, Longovicium Surprise, North Royston Surprise, Onna Surprise, Regni Surprise, Roseberry Topping Surprise, Segelocum Surprise, Sulloniacae Surprise and Upsilon Surprise.