5,152 (5,024) Palgrave Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 4005)
2345678  M   I   B   V   W   H
42356                        -
54623            -   3*  s   5
5678234  s   -   -            
Repeat six times.
3* = s - -;
5 = - - s - -.

Contains all 24 each 5678s, 6578s, 8765s, 8756s, 4567s, 5467s, 7654s, 7645s, 3456s, 4356s, 6543s, 6534s, 2345s, 3245s, 5432s and 5423s, 12 4321s, 10 each 1234s, 4321s off the front and 4312s off the front, 8 each 1234s off the front and 2134s off the front, 7 each 5678s off the front, 6578s off the front, 4567s off the front, 5467s off the front, 3456s off the front, 4356s off the front, 2345s off the front and 3245s off the front, 6 each 8765s off the front, 8756s off the front, 7654s off the front, 7645s off the front, 6543s off the front, 6534s off the front, 5432s off the front and 5423s off the front, all 6 12345s, 54321s, 23456s, 65432s, 34567s, 76543s, 45678s and 87654s, 4 4312s, both each 123456s, 654321s, 234567s, 765432s, 345678s, 876543s and 123456s off the front, and back rounds, with no backstroke 87s.
Reduce to 5,024 by replacing 5 by a single Home in the first part; contains one fewer 4567 off the front and one fewer 5467s off the front.
Also true to Double Dublin Surprise, Drogheda Surprise, Dublin Surprise, Elaine Surprise, Fowlmere Surprise, Machen Surprise, Nicholas Matthew Surprise, Puxley Surprise, Shardeloes Surprise, Wendy Surprise and May Week Delight.

Rung at Kingstone on 9 June 2011, conducted by Andrew L Mainwaring.