5,072 Plain Bob Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 3984)
23456  W     M  H
34256     a
62354     a  s  3
43265  s     s [s]
63245  s        3
32465  s  a      
Repeat three times, omitting [s]
from alternate parts.
a = sV,sB,sW,sF.
Call either the second or third 'a' block
of any one part sV,sB,sW,sV,3B.

Contains all 144 combination rollups, all 24 each 8765s, 8756s, 5678s off the front, 6578s off the front, 8765s off the front and 8756s off the front, kings, tittums, back rounds, and all 7 near misses.
Note that the first 'a' block of a part must not be lengthened, as that will run false.