5,184 Turramurra Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 229)
234567  B  W  H
52436      -
23564   -
62534      -  3
342756  -  In
473526  -
236457     F
34256   -      
Repeat twice.

Also true to Quedgeley Surprise, Wye Surprise, Christmas Delight, Vikingtun Delight and all BDKacdfYZ.
Likely to be particularly useful for those variants of Turramurra with front works that introduce additional false course heads.

Rung at Pershore (Parish Centre) on 17 June 2008, conducted by Geoffrey W Randall.
Rung to Irwell at Chalfont St Giles on 18 January 2002, conducted by J Alan Ainsworth.
Rung to Ohio Surprise at Hanbury on 7 February 2012, conducted by Geoffrey W Randall.
Rung to Quedgeley Surprise at Pershore (Parish Centre) on 20 August 2013, conducted by Geoffrey W Randall.
Rung to Sudden Surprise at Brinkloww on 31 May 2015, conducted by Peter G C Ellis.
Rung to Walkerville Surprise at Ambrosden on 12 September 2015, conducted by Michael Chester.
Rung to Xichang Surprise at Bovey Tracey on 20 December 2016, conducted by John R Martin.
Rung to Christmas Delight at Chddingfold on 24 December 2016, conducted by Mike Pidd.