5,024 Lessness Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 3542)
23456  M  B  W
54632  -  a  -
35642     5  -
42356     -  2
Repeat twice, adding sF,sT
at a in any one part.

If preferred, instead of the insertion at a: sT,sF may be added to the third course of any one part; or ssV may be added to the fourth course of any one part.
Each of these three arrangments contains all 24 each 56s and 65s, 12 5678s off the front, and all 7 near misses. With the insertion at a it also contains 12 8765s off the front; and with the alternative insertions 14 8765s off the front, as well as 6 8765s.
If the insertion is sT,sF in the third course of the last part, back rounds is added.
Each is also true to Uxbridge, Aintree, Beer, Crewkerne, Ely, Ewen, Greybury, Harlow, Idle, Liskeard, Over, Platinum, Porton, Roma, Tillingham, Tivoli and Urchfont.

Rung at Burnley on 28 December 2008, conducted by Simon D Woof.
Rung to Uxbridge at Gaddesby on 31 July 2008, conducted by J Alan Ainsworth.
Rung to Greybury at Chalfont St Giles on 5 September 2008, conducted by J Alan Ainsworth.
Rung to Idle at Edinbourgh (St Cuthbert) on 5 March 2009, conducted by Michael J Clay.
Rung to Crewkerne at Great Chart on 17 August 2009, conducted by Robert Perry.
Rung to Harlow at Loughborough (Bell Foundry) on 9 November 2009, conducted by Andrew F Alldrick.
Rung to Beer at Histon on 16 March 2013, conducted by Michael G Purday.
Rung to Ewen at Bovey Tracey on 18 November 2014, conducted by Michael E C Mears.
Rung to Liskeard Surprise at St Mawgan in Pydar on 6 May 2018, conducted by John R Martin.