5,016 Spliced Surprise Maximus (5–7 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 3118)
234567890ET  Cambridge
57392E4T608  Uxbridge
3527496E8T0  (Uxbridge/Bristol)
3T504826E79  Cornwall
4523ET90786  Bristol
T038564729E  Little Ashfield Little
24E5937T608  Uxbridge
E29475638T0  Bristol
534T20E8967  Bristol
08T637594E2  Cambridge
Repeat ten times.

The parenthesized pair of methods
are changed at the half-lead.

Contains 1,848 Bristol, 1,320 Uxbridge, 1,056 Cambridge, 528 Cornwall and 264 Little Ashfield Little, with 88 changes of method (77 at the lead end and 11 at the half lead), with all the work of every method for every bell.
May be extended to 6 or 7 methods by ringing Lincolnshire instead of either lead of Cambridge, and/or ringing Barford, Newgate or Londinium instead of either full lead of Uxbridge.