5,042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus

Donald F Morrison (no. 43)
 23456   M   W   H
 34256           2
 56423  [-   2]  2
 24365   -   -
 64532   -   s   ss
 52436   -       s
(32456)      s    

Contains 60 little bell rollups including 22 each 23456s and 65432s.
Also true to Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Swindon.
If preferred the bracketed bobs may be replaced with sM,W,H,sW; or with sM,W,sH,W; either rearrangement contains 62 little bell rollups, but both are false to Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Swindon.
With the addition of a bob Before in the last course all arrangements are also true to Superlative.

Rung at London (St Sepulchre) on 9 February 2008, conducted by Charles W G Herriott.