5,126 Spliced Maximus (11 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 2843)
  234567890ET  Phobos Surprise
  648203T5E79  Scarlet Surprise
- 5739ET20486  "Backwards" Original
- 5739T0E8264  Ariel Surprise
  2E4T6385079  Essex Surprise
  T3E52749608  Claret Surprise
  8604927E5T3  Smallbrook Surprise
  64820E9T735  Rigel Surprise
  089674523ET  Littleport Little Surprise
  90785634T2E  Avon Delight
  795038T6E42  Umbriel Surprise
Repeat ten times.
- = 16.

The link is one lead (2 blows) of backwards plain
hunting, surrounded by a pair of sixth place bobs;
that is, a 16 bob at the end of the lead of
Scarlet, followed by place notation 1T.16, thus:

- 17593E2T4068
- 17593TE02846

Contains 528 each Ariel Surprise, Avon Delight, Claret Surprise, Essex Surprise, Phobos Surprise, Rigel Surprise, Scarlet Surprise, Smallbrook Surprise and Umbriel Surprise, 352 Littleport Little Surprise and 22 Original, with 120 changes of method, all the work and each lead different.