5,152 Harbourside Delight Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 2483)
2345678  V     B     W  H 
42356    s   sT,sM   s
54632          -     s  s
64532    s   sT,sM   s  s
3456782  -  sF,B,M   -    
Repeat six times.

Contains 20 each 5678s, 6578s, 4567s, 5467s, 3456s, 4356s, 2345s and 3245s, 12 each 8765s, 8756s, 7654s, 7645s, 6543s, 6534s, 5432s, and 5423s, queens, kings and back rounds. Also contains 12 backstroke 87s.