5,090 Cambridge Surprise Maximus

Donald F Morrison and Richard I Allton (arr) (no. 1512a)
 23456   9ths M  W  H
 63452        s  ss
 24356    ss  s     s
 54326           s
 24365        s  s
(64352)       s  s
(32456)    a     s   
a = s8ths,s6ths,s3rds,s5ths,s7ths,s9ths.

All calls are singles.
Contains 110 little bell rollups including 37 7654s, 28 each 2345s and 5432s, and 10 234567s.
Also true to Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Swindon.

Rung at Cambridge (Great St Mary) on 5 February 2011, conducted by Luke T W Smith.