5,184 Double Oxford Bob Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 1774)
234567  M  I/V  W  H
42356              -
36254   s          -
372546      sV
623547  3   sV     2
52346   s       s
23465   s   3   s  2
Repeat three times, calling s for - halfway and end.

Contains all 144 combination rollups, all 24 each 8765s, 8756s, 5678s off the front, 6578s off the front, 8765s off the front and 8756s off the front, all 7 near misses, and tittums.
Also true, with the same music at the back and reduced music off the front, to St Clement's College Bob.

Rung at Claydon, Suffolk (The Folly) on 4 November 2006, conducted by Jeremy W Spiller.