5,056 Spliced Surprise Major (2–3 methods)

Emma J Southerington
23456   M  W  H   2 methods   3 methods
43652  (-         YY(Y.CCYY   NY(N.CCNY
56234   -  -      YCC.C.CCY   YCC.Y.CCY
23564      -) -   YYCC.Y)YY.  YNCC.N)YN.
52364         -   YYYYYYC.    YYYNYYC.
35264         -   CYYYYYY.    CYYNYYY. 
Repeat four times, in one part replacing the parenthesized
calls by a bob Before and omitting the parenthesized leads.
Parts from the different arrangements should not be mixed.

The two method arrangement contains 3,392 Yorkshire and 1,664 Cambridge, with 42 changes of method and all the work of both methods for every bell.
The three method arrangement contains 2,432 Yorkshire, 1,472 Cambridge and 1,152 Lincolnshire (N), with 97 changes of method and all the work of every method for every bell.

Two method arrangement rung at Walsoken (Coleridge Campanile) on 28 December 2003, conducted by Emma J Southerington.