5,090 Cambridge Surprise Maximus

Donald F Morrison (no. 1512)
 23456   9ths M  W  H
 63452        s  ss
 42356    ss  s     -
 54326           -
 24365        s  s
(64352)       s  s
(32456)    a     s   
a = s8ths,s6ths,s3rds,s5ths,s7ths,s9ths.

Contains 110 little bell rollups including 37 7654s, 28 each 2345s and 5432s, and 10 234567s.
Also true to Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Swindon and, with the addition of a bob Before three leads before the final single, to Superlative.

Rung at Liverpool (Our Lady and Saint Nicholas, Pier Head) on 19 February 2005, conducted by Martin J Bright.