5,088 Cornwall Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 1170)
234567  O  W  I  V  H
42635   ss          -
234756    6ths   ss -
532467  ss -  -  -
34256         -      
Repeat twice. Sixth place calls.

Contains all 24 each 56s, 65s, 8765s, 8756s, 7568s, 5678s off the front and 8765s off the front.
Also true to Bar Hill Surprise, Corley Surprise, Easthampstead Surprise, Farthest Canal Surprise, Kenninghall Surprise, Meerut Surprise, Nearest Canal Surprise, Newton Nottage Surprise, Selhurst Surprise, Xavier Surprise, Dashwood Delight and Swinton Delight.
True to all CGacfXYZ.
Some conductors may prefer rotating this to start with only one single Out, and
end with a single Out, said rotation containing the whole plain course.

Rung at Saintbury on 17 April 2004, conducted by Martin J Whiteley.
Rung to Selhurst Surprise at London (St Dunstan-in-the-West) on 27 July 2015, conducted by James W Belshaw.