5,056 Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 44)
23456  B  M  W  H          
53462     s  s     R.C.L
53624  -        -  PS.SC.
62345     s [s] -  (R).N.L.
42365        s     BY.B    
Repeat eleven times, omitting [s] from parts six and twelve.
Replace (R) by YNP in any one part.

Contains 768 each Bristol, Cambridge, London and Superlative, 736 Rutland, and 416 each Lincolnshire (N), Pudsey and Yorkshire, with 145 changes of method.

Rung at Amersham on 28 May 2005, conducted by J Alan Ainsworth.
Rung in hand at Maindenhead (7 Laburnham Road) on 31 December 2014, conducted by Robert H Newton.