5,040 Spliced Surprise Minor (7–14 methods)

Philip A B Saddleton
23456 aaaaeb
62453 bFbbff
26543 Cffccg
26435 gDggdd
65324 dGddgc
54632 ccfbee
34625 BAeeaE
Repeat 4 times.
a, A = Luton etc.
b, B = Beighton etc.
c, C = Bangor etc.
d, D = Bakewell etc.
e, E = Selston etc.
f, F = Averham etc.
g, G = Stotfold etc.

Leads of each letter make up a 720. In each case there are six lead-splicers available. Leads A-G are from the same course in each part so can be replaced with a course-splice providing this still gives a 5-part, e.g.
A = Notton, B = Lodsworth,
C = Strensham, D = Old Lincoln,
E = Pillaton, F = Madresfield,
G = Holywell.
E-G have Plain Bob lead-heads, so 6th's place course splices are also possible.

Published in The Ringing World (2002, page 762).