5,040 Spliced Surprise Royal (3 methods)

Roger Bailey
23456  M  W  H
42356        -
52463  2  s
34265  -     -
23465     3  -
Repeat, changing the method at each course-end.

Methods: Cambridge, Lincolnshire (N) and Yorkshire. For 2,160 Cambridge call the courses CNCNYCY or CYCYNCN. For 2,160 Lincolnshire call courses NCNCYNY, NYNYCNC, CYNYNCN or CNCNYNY. For 2,160 Yorkshire call courses CNYNYCY or CYCYNYN. Contains 1,440 of the other two methods in each case, with 13 changes of method, all the work of each method for every bell and 18 each 56's and 65's.
The calling is also true to each of the methods individually.
Especially suitable for handbells: 3-4 ring the 3-4 and 9-10 courses only.

Published in The Ringing World (2002, page 29).
Rung on handbells at Imperial College on 15 December 1999.