5,088 Barton Seagrave Delight Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 8386)
 234567   W  M  B  H
(234567)  a     -
(23564)   -     -
 24635       s  x  2x
(563247)  b  x  -
(62453)      s  -
 25463       -  -
 342567   a        -
Repeat twice.
- = 14;
s = 1234;
x = 16.
a = F,In;
b = xW,M,In.
2x = x x.

Contains all 24 each 56s, 65s and 5678s off the front, 18 8765s off the front, 12 each 8765s and 8756s, 9 7658s, 6 each 6578s off the front, 8756s off the front and 7568s, 194 runs of four or more consecutive bells either at the back (95) or at the front (99), all 7 near misses, tittums and back rounds.
Also true to Amethyst Surprise, Beryllium Surprise, Birnbeck Surprise, Cyprus Surprise, Dore Surprise, Edgbaston Surprise, Essex Surprise, Foulridge Surprise, Frindsbury Surprise, Frodsham Surprise, Georgetown Surprise, Golden Delight, Greenjoint Delight, Greville Smyth Delight, Hothorpe Surprise, Illston Surprise, Jerusalem Delight, King's Lynn Festival Delight, Kiribati Surprise, Leo Surprise, Moorfield Surprise, New Cumberland Delight, Niton Surprise, Qomolangma Feng Surprise, Rye Castle Delight, Shrove Delight, Silsden Surprise, Sunningdale Surprise, Thermidor Delight, Turners Hill Delight, Unnilbium Surprise, Willoughby Waterleys Surprise, Woolavington Delight, Xebec Surprise, Yardley Hastings Surprise, Zadok Surprise and Zoisite Surprise.