5,184 (5,024) Spliced Surprise Major (10 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 8376)
 23456   B  M  W  H
(52436)        -     WLWWC.
(35426)     3  -      K.F.(CG).P.
 35264   -        -   E.GKR.
 24365   -  -  - [-] EKFBB.RPG.BCLR.L.
Repeat five times, omitting [-]
from alternate parts.

Contains 576 each Bristol, Buckfastleigh (K), Chesterfield, Glasgow, London, Richmond and Whalley and 384 each Belfast (F), Essex and Pudsey, with 149 changes of method, 21 each 56s and 65s, 12 each 8765s, 8756s, 8765s off the front and 8756s off the front, 3 each 5678s off the front and 6578s off the front, 129 runs of four or more consecutive bells either at the back (80) or at the front (49), and back rounds.

Reduce to 5,024 by replacing the two parenthesized leads by one lead of Belfast in five parts. Contains 576 each Bristol, Buckfastleigh, London, Richmond and Whalley, 544 Belfast, 416 each Chesterfield and Glasgow and 384 each Essex and Pudsey, with 139 changes of method, with all the same music plus two additional four bell runs off the front.

Rung at Raleigh, North Carolina on 22 September 2019, conducted by Timothy J Barnes.