5,088 Painswick Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 8374)
23456  B  M  W  H
65432     -  -  -
36452        -
36524  -        -
25463     -  -  3
62453        -
42356     -      
Repeat twice.

Contains 18 8765s off the front, 12 56s, 6 each 65s, 8765s, 8756s, 7568s, 7658s and 8756s off the front, 157 runs of four or more consecutive bells either at the back (80) or at the front (77), and, in the last course, queens and back rounds.
Also true to Allhallows Delight, Alloa Surprise, Aston Surprise, Athelstan Surprise, Barrow Court Surprise, Beddington Surprise, Bedwellty Delight, Benfieldside Surprise, Bower Grove Surprise, Brayton Barff Surprise, Broadgate Surprise, Brock Bottom Surprise, Brownie Dyke Surprise, Buckminster Fullerene Surprise, Burghclere Surprise, Candlemas Surprise, Cassiobury Delight, Cherry Surprise, Clare Park Surprise, Croxley Surprise, Deddington Surprise, Double Dunkirk Delight, Drivel List Treble Place, Duke of Norfolk Surprise, Eden Surprise, Erica Surprise, Fillongley Surprise, FĂ©vrier Delight, Grange Hill Surprise, Halifax College Surprise, Harwell Surprise, Healey Surprise, Heffalump Surprise, Hereford Delight, Hertford Delight, Horse and Farrier Surprise, Hounslow Surprise, Iffley Surprise, Incubus Surprise, Inverness-shire Surprise, Islay Surprise, June Delight, Kensington Surprise, Keynsham Delight, Kimys Surprise, Middlethorpe Hall Delight, Monmouth Delight, Montgomery Surprise, Osbournby Surprise, Preston Surprise, Purbeck Surprise, Redbridge Millennium Delight, Rockingham Civic Centre Surprise, Rusper Surprise, Sailly-Saillisel Surprise, Salford Surprise, Sempringham Surprise, Siward's How Surprise, Spitfire Delight, Superlative Surprise, Tantalum Surprise, Up Avon Surprise, Upware Surprise, Verney Delight, Verulam Surprise, Vittorioso Delight, Vyrnwy Surprise, Walmington-on-Sea Delight, Wangaratta Surprise, Watercress Line Surprise, Waveney Surprise, Wight Surprise, Xenophon Surprise, Xotis Surprise and Zalicat Delight.

Rung to Painswick Surprise at Rotherham on 9 September 2019, conducted by Malcolm S Turner.
Rung in hand to Painswick Surprise at Worcester (16 Chelmsford Drive) on 18 September 2019, conducted by Alex F Byrne.