1,344 Spliced Major (4 methods)

Donald F Morrison
23456  M  W  H
46352  -     s  CKD.C.
42356  a  -  s  CLL.K.L.KD.K.DD.
Repeat twice.
a = sF,sB,In,V.

These are the 2019 Ringing World Diary “methods of the month” for January through April.
Contains 384 each Double Dublin Surprise and Kenninghall Surprise and 288 each Cooktown Orchid Delight and Lancashire Surprise, with 32 changes of method, 21 56s, 18 each 5678s off the front and 8765s off the front, 15 65s, 97 runs of four or more consecutive bells either at the back (41) or at the front (56), and back rounds, with no backstroke 87s.
If preferred, Cornwall Surprise may be rung throughout instead of Kenninghall.