1,280 Spliced Major (28 methods)

Donald F Morrison
23456  W  H   First part          Second part
24536  -  2   EyS.CoKLEG.B.       UC.LaWLEG.Dd.
25346  -  2   FaRYtYkM.TPLeF.Du.  PYCJM.TYLeF.Du.
32546     -   BoV.                BoD.

These are the twenty-eight Project Pickled Egg methods, combining the fifteen canonical methods with the thirteen “try also” methods.

Contains 64 each Bolonium Surprise (Bo), Cambridge Surprise, Dublin Surprise (Du), Ealing Surprise, Frodsham Surprise, Glasgow Surprise, Lessness Surprise (Le), London Surprise, Mareham Delight, Painswick Surprise, Turramurra Surprise and Yorkshire Surprise and 32 each Bristol Surprise, Cooktown Orchid Delight (Co), Cornwall Surprise (W), Deva Surprise, Double Dublin Surprise (Dd), Ely Surprise (Ey), Falmouth Surprise (Fa), Jovium Surprise, Kenninghall Surprise, Lancashire Surprise (La), Rook and Gaskill Surprise, Superlative Surprise, Uxbridge Surprise, Venusium Surprise, York Surprise (Yk) and Ytterbium Surprise (Yt), with 39 changes of method.