5,016 Spliced Surprise Maximus (10 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 8299b)
  234567890ET  Ariel
s 8064T2E3957  Barford
  68T0E492735  Phobos
  ET967850342  Rigel
  795E3T26480  Bristol Little
  9E7T5638204  Zanussi
  048263T5E79  Bristol
  3527490E8T6  Orion
  234507896ET  Littleport Little
  42038567T9E  Strathclyde
s 8604T2E3957
Repeat ten times.

Contains 528 each Ariel, Barford, Bristol, Orion, Phobos, Rigel, Strathclyde and Zanussi, 440 Bristol Little and 352 Littleport Little, with 109 changes of method, all the work of every method for every bell and each lead different.
Also contains 22 backstroke TEs.