5,016 Spliced Surprise Maximus (10 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 8299a)
  234567890ET  Yorkshire
s 53792E4T608  Lessness
  7523496E8T0  Barford
  274563890ET  Zanussi
  ET903856742  Bristol Little
  T0E89634527  Bristol
  648207T5E39  Phobos
  08T6E492375  Strathclyde
  9E3T5078264  Littleport Little
  395E7T20486  Cornwall
s 57392E4T608
Repeat ten times.

Contains 528 each Barford, Bristol, Cornwall, Lessness, Phobos, Strathclyde, Yorkshire and Zanussi, 440 Bristol Little and 352 Littleport Little, with 109 changes of method, all the work of every method for every bell and each lead different.
Also contains 40 backstroke TEs.