5,000 Spliced Royal (13 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 8188c)
  1234567890  Teazle
  2463850719  Pudsey Surprise
  2806149375  Anglia Surprise
  2759314068  Unnamed #1 Delight
  2971503846  Kenninghall Surprise
  2018967453  Meall nan Eun Surprise
s 2354768901  Yorkshire Surprise
  2785031496  London No.3 Surprise
  2573840619  Unnamed Surprise
  2807159364  Bristol Surprise
  2018976543  Superlative No.2 Surprise
  2961403857  Unnamed #2 Delight
  2436597180  Alphin Brook Surprise
s 2345678901
Repeat nine times.
s = 123456.

Contains 400 each Alphin Brook Surprise, Anglia Surprise, Bristol Surprise, Kenninghall Surprise, London No.3 Surprise, Meall nan Eun Surprise, Pudsey Surprise, Superlative No.2 Surprise, Yorkshire Surprise, Unnamed #1 Delight, Unnamed #2 Delight and Unnamed Surprise, and 200 Teazle, with 129 changes of method and all the work of every method for every bell, including the treble, and is each lead different for the working place bells.
Contains 672 runs of four or more consecutive bells at the back or at the front: 26 each 7890s, etc.; 31 0987s, etc.; 18 7890s, etc., off the front; and 21 0987s, etc., off the front.
If preferred Quakers Friars Surprise may be rung instead of Kenninghall.

Unnamed #1 Delight is: x3x45x2x36x34x1x236x1x34x1,2 [f] fch /BDa2.
Unnamed #2 Delight is: x3x1x256x6x34x5x6x1.78x58.9,2 [b] fch G/BFa2.
Unnamed Surprise is: x3x6x2x36x78x58x36x45x58x3,2 [b] fch /BDOa2.