5,184 Spliced Surprise Major (7 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 8158)
2345678   B  W  H
24536        -  2  EEWBW.YYC.B.
52436           -  SEL.
35264     -     2  SY.CS.B.
2345867            L
Repeat eight times, adding a bob
at the end of every third part.

These methods are the “Core Seven” Project Pickled Egg methods.

Contains 864 each Bristol, Lessness (E), Superlative and Yorkshire and 576 each Cambridge, Cornwall (W) and London, with 143 changes of method, 16 7468s, 15 each 65s and 7568s, 12 each 56s and 8756s off the front, 9 8765s off the front, 3 6578s off the front, 41 each little bell rollups at the back and little bell rollups at the front, and kings, with no backstroke 87s.