1,344 Spliced Major (6 methods)

Donald F Morrison
  2345678  Cooktown Orchid Delight
x 2345786  Lancashire Surprise
x 2345867  Deva Surprise
  6758342  Chenies Surprise
- 4235867  Kenninghall Surprise
  8374625  Mareham Delight
- 5678234
Repeat six times.
- = 14;
x = 16.

Contains 224 each Chenies Surprise, Cooktown Orchid Delight, Deva Surprise, Kenninghall Surprise, Lancashire Surprise and Mareham Delight, with 41 changes of method, all the work of every method for every bell and each lead different, 93 runs of four or more consecutive bells either at the back or at the front, and no backstroke 87s.