5,184 Norfolk Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (arr) (no. 7660)
23456  I  O  H
34256     -
25346  2  2
53246  3  -
23645  -     -
Repeat twice.
Sixth place bobs.

Contains all 144 combination rollups, all 24 each 8765s off the front and 8756s off the front, all 7 near misses, and back rounds, with not 82s or 83s.
Also true to Agra Surprise, Apethorpe Surprise, Byfleet Surprise, Camulodunum Surprise, Chlorine Surprise, Colchester Surprise, Dingley Surprise, Jumieges Surprise, Lexden Surprise, Peverel Surprise, Quarter Surprise, Rowell Surprise, Sedgemoor Surprise, St Jude's Surprise, Turks Surprise, Xylem Surprise and Dipton Delight Delight.
True to all CabcdefXYZ.