5,088 Quothquan Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 7403)
23456  B  M  W  H
45362     s  s  -
36524     s  s  -
42563     -  -  -
56234     s  s  -
54632     2     -
34625     s  s
42356  -         
Three part.

Contains 12 65s and 6 each 56s and 8756s.
Also true to Appledore Surprise, Apsley Surprise, Birchington-on-Sea Surprise, Bold Surprise, Bulby Surprise, Carey Surprise, Carmarthen Surprise, Chanctonbury Surprise, Dardanelles Surprise, Firle Surprise, Gallipoli Surprise, Gray Surprise, Heene Surprise, Hidden Valley Surprise, Natal Surprise, Ospringe Surprise, Panama Surprise, Peru Surprise, Plumpton Wood Surprise, St John's Surprise, Venezuela Surprise, Waterloo Tower Surprise, Zeehan Surprise, Michaelmas Delight and St Hilda's Delight.

Rung at Stoke Poges on 16 May 2016, conducted by J Alan Ainsworth.