5,184 Tellurium Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 7379)
23456  sV,sF  M  H
42356            -
25346    X    -  -
43526    a   [-]
32546    X    -  -
Six part, omitting [-]
from alternate parts.
a = sV,sB,sT,sB,In.

Contains all 144 combination rollups, 6 each 7568s, 7468s, 7658s and 7458s, all 7 near misses and tittums, with no 82s or 83s.
Also true to Barley Surprise, Bramley Surprise, Coopers Surprise, Cotterdale Surprise, Iscalis Surprise, Sawbridgeworth Surprise, Spitalfields 1729 Surprise, Allwood's Delight, Everest Delight, Ewhurst Castle Delight, Leiston Delight, Nethergreen Delight, Spitalfields Delight, Wanborough Delight and Wells Delight.