5,184 Agincourt 600 Delight Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 7275)
23456   B
43652   a
35426   -
34265   b
Repeat five times.
a = In,W,M,sF,V,sF,V;
b = sV,sM,sF

Contains all 24 each 56s and 65s, 9 each 5678s off the front and 6578s off the fornt, and kings.
Also true to Black Five Delight, Causey Arch Delight, Fulwood Delight, Hicks Delight, New Burslem Delight, Ribblesdale Delight, Allotment Surprise, Buntingford Surprise, Capheaton Surprise, Ozone Surprise, Raunds Surprise, Tingdene Surprise, Truro Surprise, Woodhouse Surprise, Xeranthemum Surprise and Yanley Surprise.