5,184 (5,008) Spliced Plain Major (5 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 7244)
23456  M  W  H
52436     -     P.C
42635  -        LLCDD.GDCLC
52634  s        LP.(LLGLLC)
36425  -  -     C.D.LGL
42365     -  -  GDG.DPLGPP.
Repeat eleven times, calling single
for bob half-way and end.

Contains 1,152 each Double Bob and St Clement's College Bob (C), 1,056 Little Bob, 960 Plain Bob and 864 Gainsborough Little Bob, with 324 changes of method, all 24 each 56s, 65s, 46s, 45s, 8765s off the front and 8756s off the front, 6 each 5678s off the front and 6578s off the front, all 7 near misses, and back rounds.
Reduce to 5,008 by replacing the six parenthesized leads by one lead of Plain Bob in each of the last four parts; contains 1,152 Double Bob, 1,088 St Clement's College Bob, 1,024 Plain Bob, 928 Little Bob and 816 Gainsborough Little Bob, with 312 changes of method, and the same, claimed musical properties.
Care must be exercised in selecting which parts to shorten to avoid falseness.

Rung in hand at Chandler's Ford, Hampshire (2 Rosemoor Grove) on 14 December 2016, conducted by Andrew G Craddock.