5,280 Spliced Maximus (5 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 7194)
  234567890ET  Avon Delight
  42638507T9E  Zanussi Surprise
  9E7T5038264  Rigel Surprise
x 5739ET20486  Bristol Surprise
  T098765432E  Orion Surprise
  9T705836E42  Rigel Surprise
x 5739T0E8264  Zanussi Surprise
  64820E9T735  Avon Delight
  8604927E5T3  Zanussi Surprise
  T3E52749608  Orion Surprise
Repeat ten times.
x = 16.

Contains 1,584 Zanussi Surprise, 1,056 each Avon Delight, Orion Surprise and Rigel Surprise and 528 Bristol Surprise, with 109 changes of method and all the work of every method for every bell.