5,184 Magna Carta Delight Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 7119)
23456  M  B  W  H
45362  s     s  -
65324  s     s
43526  -        -
43265     -    [-]
Repeat five times, omitting [-]
from parts 2, 4 and 6.

Contains 18 each 5678s off the front, 6578s off the front, 8765s off the front and 8756s off the front, 15 each 56s and 65s, 48 each little bell rollups at the back and little bell rollups at the front, tittums and back rounds, and, in the penultimate lead, queens.
Also true to Three Counties Delight.

Rung at Eynsford on 15 June 2015, conducted by David P Hilling.