5,024 (5,154) Lincolnshire Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 3560a)
23456  B  M  W
54632     -  -
43526  -
25634     -  -
53246  -
23645     -  a
34256     2  2
Repeat twice, omitting 'a'
from any two parts.
a = sT,sF.

For 5,154 call 'a' in all three parts, but replace the final 2W by a single, bringing up rounds two blows later.
Either length is also true to Amsterdam, Fordcombe, Gainsborough, Johannesburg, Nailstone, Vancouver, Yorkshire and Zurich.
The 5,024 is true to all BacZ, and the 5,154 is true to all BacZ that begin with place notation x3.

Rung at Amersham on 21 March 2015, conducted by J Alan Ainsworth.
Rung in hand at Northallerton (19 The Green, Romanby) on 30 June 2015, conducted by Peter J Sanderson.
Rung to Vancouver at Seaton on 2 January 2017, conducted by John R Martin.
Rung to Nailstone at Horsley on 6 January 2018, conducted by Darran Ricks.