5,120 (5,024) Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)

Donald F Morrison (no. 6735)
 23456   V   M   W   F   B   H
(24563)  ss  s       s   s       Y.B.SC.PC.R.
 64532       s   s           ss   Y.N.R.B.
(65234)      s   s   s   s       L.Y.N.L.
 42536       s              [s]   S.NCPS.
Repeat seven times, omitting [s]
half-way and end.

Contains 768 each Cambridge, Lincolnshire (N), Superlative and Yorkshire and 512 each Bristol, London, Pudsey and Rutland, with 159 changes of method.
Reduce to 5,024 by omitting three ss and associated leads of Bristol; contains 768 each Cambridge, Lincolnshire, Superlative and Yorkshire, 512 each London, Pudsey and Rutland and 416 Bristol, with 156 changes of method.