5,024 Rothbury Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 6679)
234567  B  M  W  H
23564   -        -
62534         - (3)
234756     2  In
372546  -
426357        F
42356   -        -
Repeat twice, omitting (3)
from any one part.

If it is the first part that is shortened, contains 15 each 56s, 8765s and 7568s, 6 each 65s, 7658s, 5678s off the front and 6578s off the front, 41 little bell rollups at the back and 45 little bell rollups at the front.
Also true to Adar Surprise, Aspenden Surprise, Bow Street Surprise, Bradford Surprise, Centreville Surprise, Gilmorton Surprise, Gryffindor Surprise, Herefordshire Surprise, Heywood Surprise, Hinkleborough Surprise, Isle of Wight Surprise, Krishna Surprise, Langport Surprise, Montgomery Surprise, Moonville Surprise, North Somerset Surprise, Owl Surprise, Partington Surprise, Sunday Surprise, Fothergill Delight, Ljubljana Delight, Oswaldtwistle Delight, Parbold Delight, Pluviose Delight and St Mary Abbots Delight.
True to all BDKacdfYZ.