5,184 Amy Delight Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 6670)
23456  B  M  I/V  W  H
53462     -   x   -
36524  -
25634             s  s
64532     -          s
34256     s   x   -   
Repeat twice.

Contains all 24 56s, 12 each 5678s off the front and 8765s off the front, and back rounds.
Also true to Barbourne Surprise, Cotswold Surprise, Dedham Surprise, Haselbech Surprise, Kenya Surprise, Tyburn Surprise, Valerian Surprise, Attard Delight, Bicester Delight, Bishop David Delight, Broughton Astley Delight, Canfield Delight, Chiddingstone Delight, Elton Delight, Gharb Delight, Jersey Delight, Londesborough Delight, Mdina Delight, Mtarfa Delight, Ormskirk Delight, Phoenix Delight, Sixcent Delight, Whitsun Delight, Wotton-under-Edge 750 Charter Delight and Yarborough Delight.

Rung to Phoenix Delight at Gillingham on 17 November 2017, conducted by Peter G C Ellis.