5,760 (5,040) Spliced Surprise Royal (4 methods)

Maurice J Thurmott
23456  M  W  H  Methods           
53426     s     RC.YYSS
62435  -  - [-  YSCY.S.(SRYSRYC)[.
46235        -  SRCSRYCRY.
24635        -] CCRCCRSYR.]       
Repeat three times.

Reduce to 5,040 by replacing the (parenthesised) leads by a single lead of Rutland, and calling the last two courses RCR in the second part only. Alternatively, omit the [bracketed] leads and calls from the second part only. The 5,760 contains 1,440 each Cambridge, Rutland, Superlative No.2 and Yorkshire; with 120 changes of method and all the work of each method for every bell.

Published in The Ringing World (1999, page 1162).