5,040 London No.3 Surprise Royal

Donald F Morrison (no. 6271a)
23456   M  W  H
54326   a  s  s
26345   -  -  s
43652   s  s  s
65432      -  -
a = B,V,sF,sB,In,F,s6ths,sT.

Contains 147 little bell rollups at the back, including 32 each 23456s and 65432s, and 60 3456s; and 48 0987s.
Government mandated health warning for those with aural allergies: also contains 32 backstroke 09s.
Also true to London No.1 Surprise, London No.2 Surprise, London No.4 Surprise, Metropolitan Surprise and Triton Delight.