5,184 Burnley Delight Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 6148)
23456         B  M  W  H
35426               2
46253            -  -  2
32546  sV,sF
34256  sT,sV  -  -  -   
Repeat twice.

Contains all 24 56s, 15 8765s, 9 each 5678s off the front, 6578s off the front, 8765s off the front and 8756s off the front, tittums and back rounds.
Also true to Abney Park Surprise, Amersham Surprise, Blagrove Surprise, Bradenham Surprise, Caesium Surprise, Chesham Bois Surprise, Datchworth Surprise, Don Surprise, Duddeston Surprise, Elmodesham Surprise, Ewbank Surprise, Gippeswyck Surprise, Golden Wedding Anniversary Surprise, Hughenden Surprise, Ickwell Green Surprise, Kenmore Surprise, Langwith College Surprise, Poet's Walk Surprise, Purcell Surprise, Skywalker Surprise, XXXB Surprise, Xerox Surprise, Asti Delight and Clerk's Delight.
True to all BabcdfXY.