5,088 Otterburn Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 6114)
23456  B  W  M  H
23564  -        -
52436     -  -
45623     -  -
36452     -  -  -
24536    sV,sF
43652    sT,sV  -
35426  -
42356     -     -
Repeat twice.

Contains all 24 56s, 21 ech 5678s off the front and 8765s off the front, 12 8765s, and back rounds.
Also true to Aquitania Surprise, Argentum Surprise, Berkshire Surprise, Bushey Surprise, Charcott Surprise, Dysprosium Surprise, Embleton Surprise, Grantchester Surprise, Iron Surprise, Launcells Surprise, Niobium Surprise, Oxfordshire Surprise, Oxygen Surprise, Quainton Surprise, Ross-on-Wye Surprise, Runnymede Surprise, Shirley Surprise, Staffordshire Surprise, Stour Surprise, Syltom Surprise, Topaz Surprise, Walton-le-Dale Surprise, Withyham Surprise, Wolfram Surprise, Woodrow Surprise, Chelmsford Delight, Prince Charles Delight and Up Hatherley Delight.

Rung to Syltom Surprise at Hurstbourne Priors on 21 February 2013, conducted by Bernard F L Groves.
Rung to Hampden Delight at Hughenden on 30 June 2017, conducted by Roger Baldwin.
Rung to Quainton Surprise at Coventry on 19 February 2018, conducted by Simon P Rogers.