5,376 (5,152) Bristol Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 6097)
42536   I   O   V
63542  [-]      s
65342       s
23645   ss  s   - 
Repeat five times, omitting [-]
from alternate parts.
Sixth place calls.
Start and end at the treble's backstroke snap.

For handbells, 5-6 coursing throughout.
Reduce to 5,152 by omitting ss from any one part.
Also true to Bibra Surprise, Bibroci Surprise, Butis Surprise, Caerffili Surprise, Caerini Surprise, Cambodunum Surprise, Camulosessa Surprise, Coccuveda Surprise, Ditchling Surprise, Dumbledore Surprise, East Molesey Surprise, Freedom Surprise, Friday Surprise, Furness Surprise, Lactodorum Surprise, Lewisham Surprise, Nempnett Thrubwell Surprise, Peterstone Wentloog Surprise, Petriana Surprise, Petworth Surprise, Reverse Dublin Surprise, Southall Surprise, Tryes Surprise, Tuesday Surprise, Yelling Surprise and Silver Delight.