5,088 Leiston Delight Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 4808)
23456  W   V   B   M   H
43652              -
65243  2           -
52436  -   ss  1   -   2
34256          3   -    
Repeat twice.

Contains all 24 each 5678s off the front and 8765s off the front, 15 each 56s and 8765s, 9 each 65s, 8756s and 7568s, tittums, back rounds, 54 little bell rollups at the back, and 40 little bell rollups at the front.
Also true to Aardvark Surprise, Allesley Surprise, Allingham Surprise, Barbican Surprise, Barley Surprise, Barrington Surprise, Baxenden Surprise, Belgrave Surprise, Birila Surprise, Bognor Surprise, Bootham Bar Surprise, Buckingham Surprise, Bucks Surprise, Carol Surprise, Chiddingfold Surprise, Colmore Surprise, Coopers Surprise, Cotterdale Surprise, Crayford Surprise, Cumberland Row Surprise, Double Diamond Surprise, Durobrivae Surprise, Eliminator Surprise, Fantastic Surprise, Finedon Surprise, Fulbourn Surprise, Guolop Surprise, Hanslope Surprise, Hasketon Surprise, Holmwood Surprise, How Stean Surprise, Humber Surprise, Huntingdonshire Surprise, Iscalis Surprise, Jimwell Surprise, King Ranch Surprise, Kingsland St Michael Surprise, Leda Surprise, Linfield Surprise, Londonthorpe Surprise, Melamon Surprise, Millhouses Surprise, Misbourne Surprise, Moonshine Surprise, Muse Surprise, Phyllosan Surprise, Ridware Surprise, Rotherfield Surprise, Sawbridgeworth Surprise, Smardale Surprise, Spitalfields 1729 Surprise, Swineshead Surprise, Tang Hall Surprise, Tellurium Surprise, Titanium Surprise, Turnberry Surprise, Vyvyan Surprise, Weston Surprise, Whaddon Surprise, Whitminster Surprise, Wicken Surprise, Wideopen Surprise, Woodall Surprise, Xyris Surprise, Yoxford Surprise, Accrington Delight, Allwood's Delight, Bangor Delight, Bowes-Lyon Delight, Canada Delight, Dry Drayton Delight, Enigma Delight, Ewhurst Castle Delight, Exeter Delight, Fratton Delight, Highclere Delight, Honey Delight, Japanese Delight, Launde Delight, Little Sparky Delight, Middleton Delight, Mitchell Delight, Muriel Delight, Nethergreen Delight, Newcastle Delight, Old Hooky Delight, Ottershaw Delight, Pimlico Delight, Spitalfields Delight, Syston Delight, Toseland Delight, Vespasian Delight, Village Delight, Wells Delight and Xiphodon Delight.

Rung to Titanium at Farnworth on 26 September 2014, conducted by Peter C Randall.
Rung to Wideopen at Claybrooke on 14 March 2016, conducted by Simon P Rogers.