5,088 Lambourn Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison (no. 4702)
234567  M    B    W   H
473526      sT    s
452736  s    -    s
243765      F,B       ss
637245     sF,sB
236547  s  sT,V       s
352746       In
342567     sB,V        
Repeat twice.

Contains 18 each 56s, 8765s, 7658s, 5678s off the front and 6578s off the front, 12 7568s, 9 each 8765s off the front and 8756s off the front, queens, Whittingtons and back rounds.
Health warning to those with allergies: also contains 18 backstroke 87s.
Also true to Cold Fish.