Implementation Notes

This site is best viewed with a recent version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Regular users of this site will have noticed that its appearance has recently (i.e. late April 2017) changed a little. Under the covers it has changed completely, having been rewritten from the ground up using different technology. The old implementation was becoming harder and harder to maintain or extend. I hope this new one will allow fixing bugs faster and making improvements more frequently. I also hope that it will be easier for someone else to take charge of it, should they wish to if I am unable to do so. It is worth noting that the CCCBR Information and Communications Technology Committee receives daily backup copies both of the contents of this site, and of the software that runs it. I am also trying to document and structure things so that they can pick it up its care and feeding if they wish to do so, should I no longer be able to.

So far the new features in this rewritten site are few, but include

It is worth noting that this new implementation takes advantage of features widely supported in recent browsers, but not necessarily supported in older ones. It will generally look best in recent versions of ChromeEdgeFirefoxOpera or Safari. In particular its appearance will be degraded in all versions of Internet Explorer. It should still be possible to use the site with older browsers, but the appearance will likely be worse than on modern browsers.

While this new implementation has been in progress for a while, I've had to move to it a little earlier than I'd have liked because my ISP is retiring the server configuration the old site used. Therefore a few features that were in the old site are not yet implemented in the new one, and there are a few visual and navigation items that don't look or work as well as I'd like, yet. I am continuing to work on bringing the new site up to parity with the old one.

I've tried to ensure that any potentially useful deep links into the old site will go somewhere appropriate in the new, instead of simply resulting in an error. If you discover any I've missed that you use, I'd appreciate hearing about them. I may not be able to fix the problem, but it would be good to have the opportunity to at least try.

And, being a wholly new body of code, I'm sure the new site has its share of new bugs or other problems. Please do let me know about any you discover. Again, I may not be able to fix them, but would like to at least look into whether or not I can.