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Recent Additions to Don Morrison's Peal Compositions

Regular users of this site will have noticed that its appearance has recently (i.e. late April 2017) changed a little. Here is some further information on these changes.

In early 2008 I changed the scheme used for attaching opus numbers to compositions. There is a list of the mapping of old numbers to new numbers.

The following compositions have recently been added to the collection.

Added on 14 February 2020

Added on 7 February 2020

Added on 1 February 2020

Added on 31 January 2020

Added on 30 January 2020

Added on 29 January 2020

Added on 2 January 2020

Added on 29 November 2019

Added on 6 November 2019

Added on 26 October 2019

Added on 14 October 2019

Added on 28 September 2019

Added on 14 September 2019